Lee County Utilities-Three Oaks WWTP

As part of a plant expansion project, Lee County was in need of three additional primary clarifiers and other process equipment. Bearing Point was able to work closely with plant staff to facilitate the installation and commissioning of three new clarifier mechanisms, without disrupting plant operation. During the installation of the clarifier mechanisms, Bearing Point identified several flaws in the design of parts such as the scum trough and the spray wash equipment that could cause malfunction of the mechanism as well as create difficulties for plant operators. To avoid these issues Bearing Point was able to quickly devise a solution that would improve the normal operation and efficiency of the equipment. Together with the owner, the modifications were made, and the new clarifiers were delivered on-time and under budget. In addition to the clarifiers, Bearing Point also performed improvements to their dewatering facility including an all new conveyor system. During the installation if the conveyor system, several issues were identified with the manufacturers support structure, and after collaborating with the manufacturer and the owner, Bearing Point performed modifications to allow for the proper fit and installation of the conveyors and dewatering equipment. This eliminated the risk to plant dewatering operations and provided the facility with the means to access critical parts on the conveyors for future maintenance.